Explore different ways to grant access to your private Hub

Compare all your different options for granting people access to your Searchie Hub

🧰 What You Will Need

A Private Searchie Hub

Option 1 - Audience import tool

This option is great if you already have a list of existing members that should have access to your Hub.

Use a CSV file to import a list of users into your Searchie Audience and grant them access to a Hub. You can also use the import tool to update any profiles that already exist in your audience.

Option 2 - Searchie Payments

This option is the best fit if you're looking to collect payments and grant Hub access to your audience in one streamlined process.

Configure the payment page and payment gateway settings to collect payments from your audience and automate access to your Hub.

Option 3 - Native registration

This is a great option if you're looking to turn your Hub into a list builder.

Grant free access to your private Searchie Hub with one quick step.

Option 4 - Zapier automation

This option is the best route to take if you're looking to use another platform to collect emails or payments in exchange for Hub access.

Learn how you can give users access to a Searchie Hub after they purchase your product(s) through a payment processor other than Stripe in this article.

Option 5 - Create an audience profile

Manually adding users is the fastest way to create test accounts or add in users individually.

Manually add users to your Hub by creating an Audience Profile for them and granting them access.


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