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Collect payments through Stripe with Searchie Payments

Configure your payment settings to collect payments and grant access to a private Hub


🧰 What You Will Need

  1. A Stripe account set up with Products and Prices

  2. A Searchie Hub to sell

NOTE: If you're using a payment processor other than Stripe, check out our article on how to connect your shopping cart using Zapier.

Step 1 - Add Stripe Payment Gateway

Connect your Stripe account to your Searchie account via the Explore Apps page inside your Searchie account.

Step 2 - Configure your Hub payment settings

Access your Hub's settings to set your Hub up to accept payments:

  • Under Privacy, set your Hub to Private.

  • Under Payments & Registration, toggle on Registration Page and Collect Payments.

    • OPTIONAL: You can also toggle on Stripe Customer Portal if you want your Audience to be able to change or cancel their subscription to your Hub.

Step 3 - Add your Stripe Prices

Click Select Prices to open the Products & Prices page.

Open the Select Price dropdown to add the Prices you will selling access to your Hub to. You can drag and drop each Prices in the order you want your Audience to see them in.

Once you've added all of your Stripe Prices, click Save to save your progress.

Step 4 - Customize your Payment page's appearance

Select Payment as the page to edit inside of your Hub Editor to customize the appearance of your Payment page.

Step 5 - Share with your audience

Once your Payments page is set up, it's time to share the URL of your Registration page to get your Audience to purchase access to your Hub using Searchie Payments!

The link for your Hub's Registration page is www.hublink.com/register

Inside your Hub Editor, select your Register page and click the 🔗 icon to copy your Registration page's link. You can then paste that link anywhere to share it with your audience.

Step 6 - Turn off Registration when cart closes

If you close your cart and stop accepting new customers for Hub access, you will want to turn off Registration to lock your members' list. From your Hub's settings, open the Payments & Registration menu and toggle off the Registration Page. Be sure to keep Payments enabled so any active payments are not affected by the closing of cart.


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