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Segment your Hub menu items to control content visibility

Adjust the visibility of the (header) menu items in your Hub


🧰 What You Will Need

  1. A Searchie Hub (Start Plan or higher)

  2. At least one Audience Segment

Step 1 - Acess the Header Menu

From your Hub Editor, click on the Header Menu (hamburger) icon to open the Header Menu on the left pane.

Header Menu

If the Header Menu section does not show up, you can go there yourself by going to Pages > Home > Header. Scroll down to the bottom of the header options and click Header Menu.

Header Menu v2

Step 2 - Add a new Menu Item

Under Menu Items click Add Menu Item and choose to link either a Playlist, Page, or URL.

Select Menu Item

In this example, we will use a Playlist as the link. Edit your menu item and rename it.

Edit Playlist

Under "Visibility", you can control who will see this specific menu item between Everyone, Nobody, or Audience (please note that clicking this will let you select which segment Audience Segment you want to assign the visibility on).

Make sure to click Save Changes once you're happy with your selection.