Resolve Facebook connection issues

Use this article if live videos you have posted in your Facebook Group or Page are not appearing in their Folder in Searchie

🧰 What You Will Need

  1. Be logged into Facebook

  2. Be logged in to Searchie

  3. Added the Searchie app to your Facebook Group

Step 1 - Confirm Searchie as an app in your Facebook account

Visit your Business Integrations page in your Facebook account here.

Step 2 - Confirm correct permissions

Click View and Edit on the Searchie integration.

Make sure all of the permission toggles are in the ON position, as shown below. The list starts with the Manage your business toggle and ends in the Access your authored posts and comments in groups toggle (not shown in the screenshot below).

Step 3 - Try refreshing and syncing the Facebook connection

Now that we've confirmed the app is set up properly on the Facebook side, we can try syncing and refreshing the connection in Searchie.

Refresh the connection first by following the steps in this article, then try to sync the connection with this article if things still aren't working as expected.

If you are still experiencing issues with the Facebook connection after following these instructions, please contact us at so we can look into the problem further.


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