Build your private members area with a Hub

Use a Hub to create the ultimate digital content experience

What is a Hub?

A Searchie Hub allows you to build a platform to host, sell, and share your digital content.

Hubs are ideal for building and selling digital products such as courses, membership sites, coaching programs, and much more. Virtually any offering or program that uses audio and/or video content can be hosted on a Searchie Hub.

👀 Check out examples of Searchie Hubs on this page.

Hubs can be either public or private. Private Searchie Hubs can be tailored to control who has access to what content, allowing you to host multiple groups within the same Searchie Hub that have access to only the content that they should have access to.

How to build a Searchie Hub

Step 1 - Create your Hub

Head into your Searchie account and create a new Hub.

Step 2 - Configure your Hub's privacy settings

From your Hub's privacy settings, toggle your Hub to either public or private. We recommend keeping your Hub set to private at least as you build it out.

Step 3 - Build and design your Hub

Get started with building out your hub by heading to the Hub Editor to customize your site's overall appearance.

Use your Hub Content to create and record video and audio files.

Add your content to your Hub using Hub Sections.

Step 4 - Share your Hub

Pick and implement a process for granting access to your private Hub.


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