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Understand the Stripe Customer Portal

See how easy it is for your members to make changes to their details in Searchie Payments with the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is an integral piece of Searchie Payments that allows your members to manage their subscriptions to your Hubs.

The Customer Portal is a page created in Stripe that allows your members to change their payment plan, edit their details, and cancel their account.

If you want your Stripe Customer Portal to be visible to your Hub members, make sure you toggle it on, both in Stripe and Searchie.

If your members would like to access their Customer Portal, they can get there by clicking on their profile icon on the top-right corner of your Searchie Hub and selecting Customer Portal from the menu as shown below.

This will open the Stripe Customer Portal, where they can view their payment plan, cancel the plan, change their payment method, adjust their billing and email address, and even view their past invoices.

Learn more about how you can edit your Customer Portal here.