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Use these tips to set up your Stripe integration properly

Capture the information you need from Stripe the "right" way with these best practices and account management tips

Setting up a free or test price

If you're looking to test your Stripe integration without actually spending money, you can set up a $0 recurring price that appears on your Payment page.

When creating your testing price, be sure to set your price to Recurring and not One time or else you will not be able to apply it inside your Hub.

Collecting mailing addresses

If you need to collect mailing addresses from members, you can add this field into your Stripe Customer Portal where your members edit their subscription details. Members will need to fill in this information after they have access to the Hub by accessing the Customer Portal. Learn more about how to set up the Customer Portal in Stripe.

Passing information to your email provider or other platforms

If you’d like pass information from your members over to other platforms that you use in your business, you can do in two different ways.

  1. Create a Segment with the information you’d like to pass on and Export this list

  2. Use Zapier to pass Searchie audience details (name and email address) to any platform that integrates with Zapier

  3. Use an email platform that has a native integration with Stripe to pass buyer information directly from Stripe into your email platform

Managing taxes

Stripe gives you the option of setting up Stripe Tax, which allows you to ensure that the process tax codes are assigned to your products and prices. Learn more about products, prices, tax codes, and tax behaviour.

Email notifications

Stripe allows you to customize which email notifications you receive, as well as which ones your audience receives, after purchases. You can check out this document if you're looking to adjust which ones you receive, and this document if you're looking to adjust which ones your audience receives.

View all Stripe documentation here.