What is the Searchie Chrome Extension?

The Searchie Extension is a browser add-on that is available in the Google Chrome Store

🧰 What You Will Need

  1. A Searchie account

  2. The Chrome browser

Extension Overview

The Searchie Extension is perfect for work, school, and sharing any kind of video. Using the Searchie Chrome extension is a super fast and easy way to capture your screen (screen recording), webcam (video recording), and microphone (audio recording) to share your message with just a couple of clicks. And not only that, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for inside the recordings with Searchie.

Who is the Searchie Extension for?

Searchie is used by thousands of membership site owners, course creators, engineers, developers, podcasters, marketers, web designers, graphic designers, and more! If you have a message to share, the Searchie Extension helps you screen capture, share, and consume faster and easier. Access to the Chrome extension requires a Searchie account.

Awesome, how do I sign up?

Sign up for a free trial today at Searchie.io. Once you add the Searchie extension to Google Chrome, you can record and share anything on your screen with just a couple of clicks - even if what you're looking to record it outside of your web browser.

Where are my recorded videos sent?

The recordings you create with the Extension are all sent to the Searchie account you've created and logged into before using the Extension. This means... Every time you use the Searchie Extension, you get all the features of Searchie including:

  • Hosting, embedding, or sharing your recording anywhere

  • Keyword search inside of the recording itself

  • Automatic, editable transcriptions and captions

  • Downloadable transcription, audio, and video files

  • Searchie Playlists & Hubs to packaging your recordings

  • and much more!

How much does the Extension Cost?

The Extension is completely FREE For Searchie users and even compatible with a Searchie trial account! The Searchie Chrome Extension is free for Searchie users. The best part? Any of the recordings done through the Chrome Extension will not count towards your monthly limit for uploads! For more information on our subscription plans, check out our pricing page here.

Some ways people are using the Searchie Chrome extension

  • Sharing information and screen recordings with employees and co-workers

  • Documenting onboarding, processes or workflow to employees Solving customer support questions and issues

  • Providing higher customer service and building customer relationships

  • Product demos or showcasing new features on an app or software to customers or investors

  • Collaborating on web design and graphic design

  • Leveraging screen recordings in promotional campaigns like email marketing or on landing pages

  • Identifying and reporting bugs, reviewing code and troubleshooting issues with engineers and development teams