Install the Searchie Chrome Extension

Record your screen or camera to easily create accessible content automatically uploaded to Searchie

🧰 What You Will Need

  1. Google Chrome

  2. (Optional) A camera and/or microphone for your recordings

Step 1 - Head to the Chrome Web Store page for the Extension

From your Chrome browser, click on this link or access the Extension on the Web Store by clicking the Record button from the Apps page shown below.

Frame 115

Step 2 - Add the Extension to your browser

From this Web Store page, click the Add to Chrome button beside the product overview.

Frame 119

Step 3 - Pin the Extension to your Chrome toolbar

Follow the instructions that appear on the page after you've installed the Extension. These will get you to click the puzzle piece icon in your toolbar so that you can pin the Extension icon to your toolbar.

image 96

After clicking the puzzle piece, click the little pin icon as shown below. This will display the Searchie icon in your Chrome toolbar.

Frame 120

Step 4 - Start recording!

Now you're ready to record using the Extension!
Frame 121