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Understand Searchie Widgets

We answer questions like "What is a Widget?" and "How can I embed a Widget on my site?" in this article

🧰 What You Will Need

  1. Be logged into Searchie

  2. Some uploaded media

Step 1 - Understanding Widgets

A Widget is a Searchie search bar. Widgets allow your audience to search through your media by word-spoken and jump to the exact moment in a video where you mentioned their search term. They are fully customizable, allowing you to restrict the searchable content to only the media you wish to see searched.

Step 2 - Accessing Widgets

Click on the "Apps" tab in the menu on the left side of your screen then click on the Widgets card under your Installed Apps. Widgets are installed by default on your Searchie account

Step 3 - Creating a Widget

Click the + Create Widget button in the slide-in window that appears.

Give your Widget a name and confirm the creation of this powerful new tool in your account. You can change this name at any time.

Now that the Widget has been created, click on it in the list to start configuring it.

Step 4 - Select Folders for the Widget to search through

Once inside the editor, open the Content tab to select which folders of content you wish this widget to search through by word-spoken. Any content found in these folders will be searchable via the automatic transcriptions that Searchie provides upon upload.

Select folders of content from your library and (optionally) use tags to limit the content searchable to only files with the specified Content Tags applied.

Once you've selected a folder, enter a search term in the preview on the right to see the search results start to flow in - eureka!

Step 5 - Customize the appearance & layout

Now you'll want to design the look and feel of your Widget with the Layout and Appearance tabs. Head back to the main menu and navigate to these tabs. Here is where you will adjust the height of the Widget and how it activates, as well as add your branding in the form of colours and/or a logo.

Step 6 - Embed the Widget

Once you've found the perfect design and layout for your amazing new Searchie Widget, click the embed icon in the top-right to open the code you'll use to embed this on your site.

This code will change depending on your Widget Layout. If you adjust any of the options in that tab, be sure to grab the new embed code and any additional button code required for your Widget to work.


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