Show your Audience their Hub progress

Enable Audience Progress and Activity to show your audience their progress inside files and playlists


🧰 What You Will Need

A private Searchie Hub

Accessing Your Hub's Appearance Menu

Toggling your Audience Progress and Activity are key settings that you can toggle on and off in your Hub’s appearance menu.

The Appearance tab is located inside the Hub Editor. Click on Appearance to launch your Hub Appearance menu. From here, open the Theme menu.

Audience Activity

When toggled on, Audience Activity allows your audiences to see who else is watching certain media inside of your Searchie Hub.

Audience Progress

When toggled on, Audience Progress allows your members to view the percentage of a playlist or media file they have watched.

Marking Content as Complete

Turn on the audience toggles shown above and set your Media Layout to the List type (see this article for more information on switching layouts). Once this is done, your audience will have the option to mark content as complete. This will override the default progress tracking for those files and help your audience progress through your Hub content.


📚 Up Next

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