Searchie Wisdom Query FAQs

Everything you need to know about your Wisdom queries.

What is a query?

A query is a text prompt sent by someone to your Searchie Wisdom chatbot. When a visitor types something to the chatbot and presses 'Enter', that is considered 1 query. 

How many queries are included with Searchie Wisdom?

When you add Searchie Wisdom to your account, you are immediately given a 10,000 query/month limit to operate within. If you can't tell whether or not that will be enough queries for your audience to find wisdom in, well, Wisdom, rest assured that we've set this limit so that 99% of our users will easily have their needs covered.

If you do end up hitting that limit, we've got a solution so that your audience can continue using the chatbot without an interruption (see below). 

Can I add more queries per month and how much does it cost?

Here is a simple grid for additional costs associated with adding extra Wisdom queries to your monthly limit. You can purchase any of these addon tiers directly from the subscription page of your account.

Number of Extra Queries per Month Cost per Month
2,000 $9
5,000 $19
10,000 $29
30,000 $69
100,000 $199
250,000 $399
More than 250,000 Contact us

But wait, I already purchased extra queries at the previous rate, what does this all mean for me?

If you previously purchased extra queries or contacted support about increasing your limits, they have been automatically updated in your account to reflect the new tiers seen in the grid above. This means that if you purchased 500 extra queries for $19/month at the old rate, you'll now be receiving 5,000 extra queries for that same $19/month with the new pricing.

You can remove your extra queries addon at any time through the subscription page. Any payment made for additional queries that are removed will be prorated and automatically added to your account as a credit.

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