Edit your Hub labels

Change what Media, Playlists, Attachments and other content is labelled at inside of a specific Searchie Hub.

🧰 What You Will Need

  1. Searchie Pro or Business subscription

  2. A Searchie Hub

What can I use this for?

Customizing your content labels inside of a Hub is a great way to use consistent terminology inside your digital business.

This feature is incredibly valuable if your audience and content is in a language other than English.

Step 1 - Open your Hub's appearance menu

Inside your Hub Editor, open your Hub's Appearance tab and select the Typography menu.

Step 2 - Open the Content Labels menu

Inside your Hub Typography menu, click Edit Labels to open the Content Labels menu.

This is where you can re-name singular and plural labels for your Media, Playlists and Attachments.

Step 3 - Save your changes

Once you're happy with your changes, exit out of the Edit Labels screen and click Save Changes.


📚 Up Next

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