Edit your Hub footer with menu items

Similar to the main Hub menu, the footer of your Hub can be customized with text and links


🧰 What You Will Need

A Searchie Hub

Step 1 - Access the Hub Editor

When making any changes to the aspects of your Hub that your audience will interact with, we need to open the Hub Editor.

Step 2 - Open the Footer menu

Once inside the Hub Editor, open the footer menu by clicking Footer at the bottom of the list of sections on your Home page.

Step 3 - Go to the Footer Menu window

Once inside of the Footer Menu window, you will see the option to Add Menu Item(s) which could be a playlist, page, or URL.

You will be redirected to the Menu window and will now follow very similar steps to when you added custom menu items to the main Hub menu. Before going to that window is where you can also add some custom text to the footer of your Hub in the text box below that Footer Menu button.

You can also access the Footer Menu window by clicking on the section icon at the top left of the page and then selecting Footer from the list of sections.

These menu items will now appear as links at the bottom of your Hub pages.

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