Differentiate between Library and Hub Playlists

Understand how to manage and export Hub and Content Playlists

What can I use this for?

Hub Playlists and Library Playlists are both used to deliver a collection of videos to your audience in a specific order. The main difference between Library and Hub Playlists is how you can share them with your audience.

Library Playlists are playlists you might be embedding somewhere or sharing as a link for your audience to watch.

Hub Playlists, however, are only available through your Hub. This means if your Hub is private, your members must sign in to view your Hub Playlists.

Both Hub and Library Playlists are secure for sharing content. However, if you charge for your content, it is most secure when shared as a Hub Playlist as opposed to a Library Playlist. This is because you can use your members' email addresses to lock who has access to your Hub content.

Hub Playlists do not sync with Library Playlists. This means that any changes made to a Library version of a Playlist will not take effect in the Hub version of a Playlist (and vice versa).

If you want to connect your Library and Hub Playlists, we recommend automating both versions of your Playlists using a Folder or Content Tag.

Export Hub Playlists to your Library

If you've created a Hub Playlist you want to export to your Library, you can do so from the Content tab inside of your Hub Editor:

Export to library-1

Click here to learn how to export Hub Playlists to your Library.

Import Library Playlists to your Hub

If you've created a Library Playlist you want to import into your Hub, you can do so from the Content tab inside of your Hub Editor:

Import from Library

When you click Import from Library, a menu panel appears from the right where you can select a playlist to import from your Library. You can learn more about how to use Playlists here.