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Differentiate between Audience Tags versus Attributes

Learn when to use Audience Tags and/or Audience Attributes

What can I use this for?

Audience Tags and Audience Attributes are both used to help you organize and manage your audience members. Both are attached to Audience Profiles and Audience Segments.

Tags and Attributes differ primarily on how they're applied to Audience Profiles. Audience Tags are applied to an Audience Profile by the Hub creator (you!) and Audience Attributes are applied automatically by the Hub audience (your members).

Tags and Attributes also differ according to who sees them. Audience Tags are internal, meaning that only you can see them. Audience Attributes are front-facing, meaning that you and your audience will be able to see them.

Once Audience Tags and/or Audience Attributes are applied to specific Audience Profiles, you can create Segments out of them. Connecting Audience Tags (or Attributes) to Segments and then to a Hub Section allows you to personalize content visibility inside of a private Hub.

Audience Tags

Audience Tags are similar to Content Tags and are used on the back-end of Searchie to help you sort your audience members.

You can apply Audience Tags to any Audience Profile inside the Audience tab of your Searchie account. You can also use Zapier or a CSV import to apply Audience Tags.

You can apply an unlimited number of Audience Tags to an unlimited number of audience profiles. You can also use Audience Tags to control content visibility by using Audience Tags as Segment filters.

Audience Tags are completely internal, meaning that your audience members will never know that you've added a best-person-ever Audience Tag to their profile. 😉

Audience Attributes

Audience Attributes allow you to collect and use information about your audience. Attributes, unlike Tags, are generally applied by your audience members and not you.

Attribute information is collected during the Hub onboarding process or via the Account Settings page.

You can use information collected through Audience Attributes to build an Audience Directory in your Hub or show your audience personalized content inside of their Hub.

Audience Attributes are public in the sense that you and your audience members will see how they filled out their Audience Attributes. You can also control the privacy of Attributes in the sense that audience members can not see other audience members' Audience Attribute information.

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