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Connect your podcast with Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud

Link a podcast to Searchie from Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud

🧰 What You Will Need

  1. An Apple ID or Soundcloud account

  2. A podcast posting to Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud

Step 1 - Navigate to the Connection

From your Apps page, find and click on Podcast.

Step 2 - Connect your Podcast

You will then be prompted to Add Podcast by pasting the Apple or Soundcloud URL.

Apple Podcasts

Now you'll have to find the podcast URL of the podcast you wish to connect to Searchie.

Open the iTunes or Apple Podcasts application and locate the podcast that you'd like to sync. You can also search for the podcast online by typing "PODCAST NAME Apple Podcasts" into your search bar where PODCAST NAME is the name of the podcast you're looking to connect.

Once you've found the podcast, open the share options and click 'Copy Link'.


Use this step if you're planning on linking from Soundcloud instead. Visit this URL to browse podcasts on Soundcloud.

Use the search bar to find the podcast that you'd like to connect and click on the podcast channel link, not the podcast play link. To differentiate the links, look for a "Follow" button and that will be the link you want to use.

Once you've found a podcast channel that you'd like to connect, copy the URL at the top of the page. Make sure the format of the link looks like the following: "https://soundcloud.com/[podcastchannel]".

For example, https://soundcloud.com/businessrepublic, is the format you should use for the page

Alternatively, you can click the "Share" button on the podcast page and copy the link that appears.

Step 3 - Verify and Add Podcast

Now that you have the URL, head back into Searchie and paste it in the Podcast URL text bar and hit Verify.

If this is the podcast you'd like to import, click Add Podcast and Searchie will start to import all past episodes as well as any new ones.

Step 4 - Import Files

As Apple and/or Soundcloud does not have internal folders, audio from these connections will populate in an auto-generated Folder in your Library.

You will need to click Import on any existing recordings to process them into your Searchie account. This will create a copy of this file in your Searchie account and also generate the transcription. New recordings will automatically be added to this Folder.


📚 Up Next

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