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Using Searchie for multiple languages

Run your online program in more than one language

Searchie has the ability to transcribe media in a multitude of languages. Check out our full list of support languages and dialects here.

If you have content in more than one language, you can still upload all of it in your Searchie account. Simply ensure that you have set your transcription language to the proper language before uploading and also join the Pro plan or higher if you haven't done so yet.

Following these steps will allow you to upload media in as many languages as you'd like, with the transcriptions for your media generating in the desired language.

Here's another trick for hosting media in multiple languages on Searchie: Use the Replace SRT function in the transcript to create copies of videos with captions in the language other than the language spoken in the video. For an example, read on...

Let's say you have two videos, one with English audio, and one with Spanish audio. Upload them both to Searchie. You now have SRT files available for download for both an English version of the video and a Spanish version. You can then re-upload the English and Spanish videos, taking the SRT files from the original uploads and using them to add Spanish captions to the re-uploaded English video, and vice versa.