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Improve transcriptions with the Custom Vocabulary

Use the Custom Vocabulary to improve the accuracy of your automated transcriptions and captions by adding words specific to your business


🧰 What You Will Need

  1. A Searchie account

  2. Some niche- or brand-specific words

Step 1 - Head to your Transcriptions Settings

Access the Transcripts page through your Profile Settings.

Step 2 - Choose the Vocabulary language

From here, choose the language from the Vocabulary list that you wish to update with some new terms. For example, if you are planning on uploading a media file with US English audio, choose that language and proceed.

Step 3 - Add words to your Vocabulary

Now you can start adding words to your Vocabulary. Simply type the word(s) into the field and hit Enter on your keyboard. Once you're done adding your terms, click Save. The next time you upload some media, those vocabulary terms will be used to improve the accuracy of the first pass transcription.

NOTE: There are some limitations to the characters you can enter into your Custom Vocabulary. The acceptable characters are shown below.

  • a - z

  • A - Z

Adding characters such as "@#%!/235" or anything else outside of the characters listed above will not be accepted as a Vocabulary term.


📚 Up Next

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