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Using the Hub Native Registration feature

Grant free access to your private Searchie Hub with one quick step


🧰 What You Will Need

A Searchie Hub

What can I use this for?

There are two ways that your audience can gain access to a Searchie Hub that is set to Private.

  • By inviting people in your Audience via a magic link.

  • By giving entering their email on your Hub's registration page.

    • This option involves the Registration page feature. 😉

Check out the Native Registration feature in action on this demonstrative Hub.

Step 1 - Set your Hub to Private

In order to use the Registration page feature, your Hub must first be set to Private. This is to ensure that only users that provide their email addresses can access your Hub, as opposed to a Public Hub where anyone can click the Hub URL and gain access. When someone provides their email on the Registration page, an Audience profile will be automatically be created for them in your account.

Toggle your Hub to Private inside your Hub Dashboard.

Step 2 - Toggle on your Registration Page

With your Hub set to Private, you can now toggle on your Registration page to allow your audience to gain access after providing an email.

Open your Hub Settings and under the Payments & Registration menu, toggle on your Registration Page then save your changes.

Step 3 - Edit your Registration page

You can create a great first impression for your audience when they first access your Hub by customizing the Register page.

Access your Login page inside the Hub Editor by selecting Register as your Page to edit. From here, you can upload a logo and background image.

Step 4 - Share your Hub register page with your audience

Once you've set up your Registration page, simply share your Hub's URL and any new audience members will automatically be taken to your Registration page.

(Optional) Step 6 - View who has registered for your Hub by creating a Segment

If you want to track who has registered for your Hub, and possibly export this information, you can create a Segment inside of Searchie Audiences by setting the conditions as whoever has access to the Hub.

(Optional) Step 7 - Turn off Registration when closing cart

This is more important if you are using the Stripe Integration to collect payments from users. Check out Step 6 of this article for more information.