Share a Hub Template with your audience

Share your Hub as a template for your audience to copy and use in their own Searchie accounts


🧰 What You Will Need

A Searchie Hub you want to share

Step 1 - Copy the template URL

From your Hubs, click the three-dot menu on the intended hub and select Copy Template URL.

Copy Template URL

Step 2 - Share the Template URL

Paste the Template URL somewhere where your audience can access it. Once they open it, they will be asked to enter a new name before it gets saved.

Enter Hub Name
NOTE [June 29, 2022]: If your Hub Template includes Canva designs in its images or graphics, these elements will not be editable for users who copied the template. To ensure customization, manually upload images for Hubs intended to be shared as templates. We are actively working to remove this limitation from the feature.