Copy a Hub template into your Searchie account

Learn how to add a Hub template to fast-track launching a digital program


🧰 What You Will Need

  1. At least 1 available Hub as part of your Searchie subscription plan

    • The Basic plan can hold 1 Hub

    • The Pro plan can hold 3 Hubs

    • The Business plan can hold unlimited Hubs

Step 1 - Make sure you're signed into your Searchie account

Since the Hub template will be populated into your Searchie account, you'll want to make sure that you're signed into your Searchie account so that you can access the template with ease. Head to to make sure you're signed in.

Step 2 - Get a link to the Hub template you want to copy

Get access to the Hub template you want to create. Whether via email, on a website, or through a private message, the Hub template's creator needs to send you the link to the Hub template.

Check out an example of a Hub template that is linked at the bottom of this website.

Step 3 - Add the Hub template into your account

Click on the link to the Hub template you want to copy into your account.

This will open a new window that will prompt you to name your version on the Hub template and click Confirm to approve this Hub being added into your account.

Step 4 - Customize your new Hub

Your new Hub will appear alongside your existing Hubs. Click Customize to make changes to your new Hub!


📚 Up Next

  1. Upgrade your subscription to create more Hubs

  2. Learn how to add more Hub sections and Hub content into your Hub

  3. Customize your Hub's appearance and settings