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Import media from OneDrive

Connect your OneDrive account to upload media (SharePoint supported)

🧰 What You Will Need

  1. OneDrive account

  2. OneDrive or SharePoint audio or video content

Step 1 - Find OneDrive in your Apps

Look for OneDrive inside of your Apps page.

Step 2 - Connect Your OneDrive Account

A popup will appear prompting you to sign into your OneDrive account. Fill in your email and password and click Next.

Once signed in, read over the app permissions and click Yes.

Select the connection and choose the folders you wish to import from OneDrive. You will also see media in your account from any SharePoint folders as well.

You can find files imported from OneDrive inside your Library. under the imported Folders.


📚 Up Next

  1. Edit the transcriptions of your OneDrive media

  2. Build a Searchie Hub with your OneDrive media