Create and organize your content library

Use Searchie's Library feature to keep all of your content in one place

Creating and maintaining a centralized content library and one of the easiest ways to take total control of your existing and future content.

When we talk about content, we're referring to any video and audio file that you create in your business. This is everything from your Zoom recordings, your Facebook lives, your teaching content, and even your podcasts.

Once your audio and video is inside of Searchie, the possibilities are endless.

You can:

  • give your audience the power of Searchable video

  • use your content to create and sell a digital program

  • turn your videos into a Podcast

  • track how your content is performing

  • automate your content delivery to get it to your audience as soon as it's available

  • and more 😉

Continue reading to learn more about how you can make sure you're setting up your content library properly:

Step 1 - Prime your Searchie account

Set your language and custom vocabulary inside the Transcriptions page of your account to improve transcription accuracy. Learn more about this feature here.

Step 2 - Create Folders

Inside your Library, create Folders to help you internally sort your video and audio files.

Step 3 - Bring content in from third-party applications

Use the Apps page to explore and connect to third-party applications such as Zoom, Facebook and Vimeo. This step is key🔑 to cleaning up your existing content and setting up media connections to bring in any future content into Searchie.

Step 4 - Create and import your content

Use the Searchie Chrome Extension to record content directly into your Searchie content. Plus, set up content from third-party applications to automatically process into your account.

Step 5 - Simplify your tech processes

Automate your Playlists using Folders and Content Tags. This move will instantly import any content in that folder currently and any content uploaded to the attached folder or content tags. This allows you to get content like your Zoom recordings straight to your audience as soon as your call is uploaded. 😎


📚 Up Next

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