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Connect your Facebook account

Sync Searchie with a Facebook Page to import live broadcast recordings.

🧰 What You Will Need

  • A Searchie account

  • A Facebook account

Step 1 - Navigate to the connection

From your Explore Apps page, find and click on Facebook.

Search Facebook

Step 2 - Connect your account

Next, click Add Facebook Account and make sure you are logged in to Facebook at this step.

Add Facebook Account

If you're not yet signed in, a new tab will open, asking you to log in. You'll see a prompt to confirm if you want to establish the connection between your Facebook and your Searchie account. Simply follow these setup prompts to connect your account.

Establish Facebook Connection

Step 3 - Choose the pages you to import your Facebook Lives from

Click on the Facebook account to view the Facebook Pages list. From here, select the ones you wish to connect to Searchie and click ☑️ Import Folders.

Step 4 - Add Multiple Facebook Accounts

If you have already installed Facebook and would like to add another account, this can be done by navigating to the Installed apps page, selecting Facebook, and following the prompts after clicking on the Add Account button.