Understand how Searchie's search function works

Learn how to search through Searchie videos and audio files

🧰 What You Will Need

A Searchie Widget, Hub or Media Player with Transcription Search toggled on

Step 1 - Understand how Searchie's search function works

All Searchie content is searchable by word spoken. This may be a little bit different from what you're used to. It's more like searching through a word document, and less like searching through Google.

Let's say you're looking to use Searchie to learn about retention strategies. You would search "retention strategies", instead of "what are good retention strategies". This ensures that the search is filtering through any media files that mention good retention strategies.

Step 2 - Search for what you need

Navigate to the search bar inside a Hub, Widget, Playlist or Media File. Type in the terms that you're looking for and click enter on your keyboard.

You'll be directed to the search results page, where you can filter through all matching search results for the terms you searched for. From here, you click on search results to be brought to the exact point in a media file where that term is mentioned.

And that's it! Searching with Searchie allows you to quickly filter through thousands of hours of content to find exactly what you need. 🔎


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