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Set up your Audience Directory

Allow your audience members to filter through Audience Attributes by enabling the Audience Directory page in your Hub

🧰 What You Will Need

  1. A Searchie Grow plan or higher

  2. Audience Attributes

Step 1 - Create Attributes

Your Audience Directory will allow you and your audience members to filter through Audience Attributes. Make sure you create your Audience Attributes first before moving on to set up your Audience Directory.

Step 2 - Toggle on your Audience Directory

From the Hubs tab, click 📈 Dashboard to open your Hub's Dashboard. Next, click ⚙️ Settings.

Click 📄 Additional Pages to toggle on your Audience Directory Page.

Step 3 - Add your Attributes to your Hub

Back in your Hub's Dashboard, click 🛠 Customize to open your Hub Editor.

Inside your Hub Editor, click on the Attributes 👤 tab.

Click + Add Attribute to import the Audience Attribute(s) you have created.

Select one or more Attributes that you'd like to import into your Hub. Once you're happy with your selection, click ✔️ Confirm to save your changes.

Step 4 - Configure your Attribute filters

Now that your Attributes are connected to your Hub, we want to configure your Attribute filters to make sure these Attributes appear in your Audience Directory. Click the desired Attribute to access the filter options.

Step 5 - Configure your Directory

Select your Audience Directory from your Hub page drop-down to configure your Directory.

Click on Audience List to change the label on your Directory.

Under Title you can type in what you'd like your Directory to say at the top.

You can also toggle the Show Last Seen date off or on.

Be sure to Save Changes once you're happy with your edits.

Step 6 - Link to the Directory in your Hub

With your Audience Directory set up, the last thing left to do is share the link! Select Audience Directory from the top menu in your Hub and hover over the preview link for the option to copy the link to your Audience Directory page.

Share this link inside a Hub section, in an email, or anywhere else as needed! 🎊