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Install the Searchie WordPress plugin

The Searchie plugin is a great tool for managing your Searchie content directly inside your WordPress administrator dashboard

🧰 What You Will Need

  1. A WordPress site

  2. A Searchie account

  3. Access to WordPress plugins

NOTE: The Searchie WordPress Plugin will add our code snippet to your site and start tracking audience activity automatically. For more information on this code snippet and it's inner workings, check out this article.

Step 1 - Add a new plugin
From the WordPress Admin dashboard, scroll down until you see "Plugins" in the left side menu, hover over it and then click "Add New"


Step 2 - Find the Searchie plugin

From here, enter Searchie into the search bar and the plugin should appear. Click the "Install Now" button to add this to your WordPress plugins or click "More Details" to learn more about the plugin before installing.


Step 3 - Activate the plugin

Now that you've installed the new plugin it is time to activate it. You should be able to click "Activate" from the same screen.


Step 4 - Locate Searchie in your menu on the left

The Plugin should now be available inside of your Admin Dashboard for easy access!



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