Embed code in your Hub with iframes

How to use the embed code element in your Hub to add third-party iframe code

🧰 What You Will Need

  1. Grow plan or higher
  2. Code for the content you want to embed

Step 1 - Open your Hub page

Head to the Hubs tab of your Searchie account and open the Hub Editor for the Hub you want to embed code inside of. 

Open the Hub page where you want to embed your code.

Step 2 - Create a Layout Section and add an Embed Code element

Create a new Layout Section and add an Embed Code element.

Alternatively, you can add an Embed Code element into any existing Layout Section in your Hub.

Step 3 - Paste your Embed Code that includes an iFrame

Click the Import Code button to paste your iframe embed code into the element.


The Embed Code element in your Hub will only accept HTML code with <iframe> tags that include a source URL attribute. You will not be able to add other types of code to this element. Our support team will only be able to troubleshoot cases where valid iframe code is not working as expected. 

Step 4 - Preview your new content

Save your changes to preview your new Hub swag. 💅  You can also style the element at this point to control how it appears.

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