Will membership work for not-for-profits?

Check out if the Membership business model can be used for Not-For-Profits.

The membership model is perfect for non-profits especially those who offer ongoing subscription-based donation programs.

Stu and his wife Amy run an incredible charity called Village Impact where they build schools in Kenya. The Village Impact team hit a huge wall last year with CoViD. This is because all of their fundraising efforts were done at Live events.

In 2020, they launched their first Membership Sight called “Audience Builder Academy” where they offered a membership to serve their donors in exchange for a monthly subscription/donation fee. The results have been amazing!

Not only have they been able to keep up their fundraising efforts, but they’ve been able to continue to serve the amazing communities in Kenya with sanitization support during a global pandemic.

With the current shift away from live events, a membership offer is the best way to make sure to continue to secure the donations that are so vital to these projects and the communities that you serve while providing ongoing value to the donors.

Even when things do get back on track and Not-for-profits can run charity events again in person. Wouldn’t it be nice to balance those efforts with a consistent membership that also serves your donors?

The truth is The Membership Experience can serve you. It can be applied to the membership model to any product or service that has an ongoing need for Mastery, Community or Resources. The membership model is perfect for Not-for-profit organizations as they continue to serve and require support.

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