See what you can fit in one Searchie Hub

Read our tips for how should you organize your Hub content

What is a Searchie Hub?

A Searchie Hub allows you to build a platform to host, sell, and share your digital content.

Hubs are ideal for building and selling digital products such as courses, membership sites, coaching programs and much more. Virtually any offering or program that uses audio and/or video content can be hosted on a Searchie Hub. 🪄

Hubs can be either public or private. Private Searchie Hubs can be tailored to control who has access to what content, allowing you to host multiple groups within the same Searchie Hub that have access to only the content that they should have access to.

Can you host multiple programs inside of one Hub?

In short, yes. You can host multiple courses, memberships, or coaching programs inside of one (private) Searchie Hub. This is possible through our Segments feature, which allows you to control who sees what inside of one singular Searchie Hub.

However, just because you can do something doesn't necessarily mean you always should. Depending on your volume of content per program, member overlap and branding, this answer will vary from person to person.

How can I decide how to organize my Hub content?

Consider the following three variables to decide what programs you'd like to deliver inside of one Hub:

  • Volume of content: How big are each of your programs? How many videos are included in each offer? Does one course contain a total of 60 videos while the rest of your courses are 3 videos in total each? If yes, you'll likely want to keep your larger course in a separate Hub from the rest.

  • Member overlap: Do you sell all of your programs to the same community? If your audience differs quite significantly between different programs, you may want to keep those programs in separate Hubs. On the other hand, if all your programs are sold to similar markets, you may benefit from having them all in one Hub.

  • Branding: Do your courses use similar graphics? Do your course and your membership use completely different colours, fonts, and logos from each other? Consider how your graphics will look when stacked together. Keep in mind that you want your site to look visually consistent.

Some tips from Searchie's customer success team:

  • Group similar items, especially starter courses, together.

  • Consider how you're going to package and bundle your multiple offers. If you're using one Hub for 3 courses, be sure to offer one payment plan that includes access to all 3 courses. 😉

  • Group similar items, especially starter courses, together.

  • Host all tiers of the same program (especially a membership) together.

  • Consider how multiple cohorts of the same program interact. If you have an evergreen membership, we recommend keeping this in a separate Hub.

  • Evergreen programs in general work best in separate Hubs. This is done to help limit the amount of maintenance that your site demands.

  • When in doubt, keep your programs in separate Hubs. This makes it easier if you ever need to make structural changes to any of your programs. It's also easier to audit your Hub this way.