Understand what 'unmetered' uploads mean

Read about our Unmetered Usage Policy as it pertains to Business plan subscribers

How many hours are included in my subscription to Searchie?

Certain plans on Searchie.io (Business and Annual Business) come with unmetered processing which does not have defined limitations in how many hours you're allowed to upload per month. Our intention behind our usage policy in Searchie is to strive to meet every individual's needs and use cases in terms of uploading. While bandwidth is not an infinite amount, of course, we're taking away the constraints placed on accounts and becoming very lenient in what you're able to do now in terms of uploading.

While the vast majority of our customers (over 99%) fall into a normal usage category, customers will have more than enough bandwidth (hours) to meet their needs. It is very rare that a customer would exceed normal usage within our software, and if you do exceed a normal usage we will notify you via the app. Exceeding a normal limit is usually only experienced if customers are using their accounts for mass storage or approaching enterprise levels of volume.

What does unmetered processing mean?

For plans supporting unmetered processing, we do not have defined limitations. This means, there are no additional charges associated with the amount of video or audio content you upload to the tool each month and there is no finite limit for you to try to budget your uploads within in any given month. It’s important that we are clear that this resource is not infinite, meaning we do monitor for average use and look to and can and will limit extreme use as there are variable costs that we accrue based on processing time for each member. That said, we believe our customers should have all the resources necessary to leverage the power of Searchie and unlock the gems within their content and as such we’re committed to providing our members with more than enough uploading space to meet their needs. While rare, we reserve the right to constrain accounts utilizing more resources than is considered to be “average use.”

If you have any special inquiries about your use case with Searchie or have received an email about your usage in the platform, please contact support at [email protected] .