Troubleshoot sending Hub emails to Audience members

Follow these tips to ensure your audience receives all communications from Searchie in regards to their Hub access

🧰 What You Will Need

  1. Create a Hub

  2. Invite an Audience member to your Hub

  3. (Optional) Custom email templates

Please also report issues with your Hub emails to and include the email addresses of your audience members experiencing the issues.

Step 1 - Re-send the Welcome email

Check out Step 6 in this article to see how you can email access to your audience members.

You do this by navigating to the audience's Profile > Person Details > Send Welcome Email. Ask the audience member to check their email for the notification

Step 2 - Check spam folder

Sometimes an email service provider may mark your Welcome email as spam. Ask your audience member to check their Spam Folder and, if they find the email, ask them to mark the email as Not Spam.

Step 3 - Approve our domain and re-send

Ask your audience member to add the following domain to their email system as an approved address:

This domain is used to send the Hub emails and can be approved by your audience to ensure the arrival of our messages. If you're wondering how to do this, we found this article online that outlines the process for Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.