The Audiences tab

A quick breakdown of the Audiences tab (and its submenus) in your account and what it includes

🧰 What You Will Need

A Searchie account

What are Searchie Audiences?

Your Searchie Audience is the group of people accessing your Searchie media. You can spin up a Hub and introduce it to your people to start populating your Audience.

You can access your Audience by clicking on Audience from your account's navigation bar.

The link for the Audiences page is

Audience Profiles

A Profile is created for each person in your audience and contains analytical information about the audience member as well as details about their Hub access and any Audience Tags.

Open someone's profile by searching for and clicking on their name in your Audience list and then scrolling down from the window that appears.image-png-Feb-27-2024-11-14-41-6206-PM

Audience Bulk Actions

Use the bulk actions available in the Audiences tab to manage Audience Tags and Hub Access, as well to delete or export multiple profiles at once. Select profiles with the checkboxes on the right to use the bulk actions.image-png-Feb-27-2024-11-14-59-1333-PM

Audience Segments

Audience Segments allow you to group your audience members based on a variety of criteria they may or may not fulfil. These segments could be determined by their sign-up date, the product they have purchased from you, and much more. 

Audience Segments can also be used to control who sees what inside of a private Hub.image-png-Feb-27-2024-11-15-24-5122-PM

Audience Imports

The Imports menu can be accessed by clicking the Profile icon and selecting Import Audience.

Inside the Import Audience menu, you can Upload a CSV file and view and troubleshoot your Recent Imports.image-png-Feb-27-2024-11-16-09-0056-PM

Audience Exports

The Exports menu will show the entire history of Audience Exports made by your account. If you've recently exported profiles to use the data in another platform, you can find the download for that export under this submenu.

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