Should I start a membership or a course?

That is a great question. Here’s what we can share.  A lot of people do both. Stu’s experience has proven that the function of a course is to go deep with your students in a short period of time. That’s exactly what we do in The Membership Experience Course.  

We go really deep with our students on the fundamentals and unique business strategies that help students build and scale a profitable membership (many of these strategies can be applied to building and delivering a course too).  

In The Membership Experience 2023 Course, we deliver a ton of information in a short period of time. This is the best way for us to help you get up and running fast. But, there’s a finite end to this conversation.  A membership is great for helping people continue on the right path. We know our students will still have things they need support with after our program and that’s exactly why we offer it in our Membership (which p.s. follows the course).  

In your business, you can mix and match the strategies to build stability and structured sales. The key is to master the fundamentals and build with leveraged strategies.  That’s Stu’s specialty. And… that’s exactly what you’ll learn in The Membership Experience.  

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