Replace a media file

Replace a media file with a new version using the Replace File dropdown

🧰 What You Will Need

  1. Searchie Pro account or higher

  2. At least 1 media file in your account

Step 1 - Open your Library

Head to the Library tab inside of your Searchie account. This is where you'll find the file you want to replace.

Step 2 - Select the Replace option on your file

Locate the file you want to replace. Hover over the file to click the three-dot menu. From here, click Replace.

You'll see a pop-up with a reminder that your stats and activity will be reset, along with your transcription. Click Replace if you want to continue or Cancel if you don't.

Step 3 - Select your new file to upload

Select a file from your computer to upload as the replaced version of your selected file.

You'll see the new file appear in your Recent Media page with a Replacing... status.

Once your file has uploaded successfully, you'll get a notification 🔔 with a note that your file has been replaced successfully. 🎉

And then you're all set! 😊

This new file will now appear in every Playlist, Widget or Hub that the original version appeared. The original thumbnail, file description, content tags and attachments will also transfer over. 👍


📚 Up Next

  1. Edit your new file's transcript

  2. Replace more files 😉