Library Spotlight Search (Beta)

Easily search and explore content within your library.

NOTE: Spotlight Search is currently in Beta, and its features may be subject to change.

Spotlight Search is a transformative tool designed to refine how you search across your library. This interface combines keyword, title, description, and chapter searches to immediately highlight the most relevant results. It also supports deep dives into content with the ability to view detailed search results or quickly navigate through simplified previews. It extends the library search capabilities to text within documents and folder titles, significantly enhancing the discoverability of your entire content library. As we refine this feature, anticipate even more powerful interactions, including direct engagement with Copilot within the search interface itself. 


Accessing Spotlight Search:

To access Spotlight Search, navigate to the search bar within your Searchie library. 

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Simply enter your desired keyword into the search bar. Spotlight Search will instantly display the most relevant results based on your query.

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Spotlight Search offers detailed search results including chapters, content previews, text within documents and folder titles.

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Spotlight Search revolutionizes the way you search and explore content within your library. With its comprehensive search capabilities and intuitive interface, finding relevant information has never been easier. As we continue to enhance this feature, we remain committed to providing you with the best possible search experience.

Try out Spotlight Search today and unlock the full potential of your content library. For questions or feedback regarding this feature, reach us out at