Is The Membership Experience offered during COVID 19?

When we last launched The Membership Experience during the beginning of the global pandemic, we really struggled as a team to decide whether or not to move forward with the offer for The Membership Experience (which we ultimately did).

The truth is our team has heard from the students we've had over the last several years about how grateful they are to have taken part in The Membership Experience. We’ve had so many stories of people who built or gained stability in their business through membership site delivery.

We know The Membership Experience works and changes lives because we see it every day. That said, we also know that this is a difficult time for everyone and that's why you'll see Stu and our whole team showing up as much as we can for anyone who joins us.

If you’ve had a chance to take part in the Workshop series you know… we love to love on people.

But if you want to really experience something not only business shifting… but life changing… The Membership Experience is where it’s at.

We truly are delivering everything we can to help people get going. The workshop videos will be up until the doors to The Membership Experience close. After that, we’ll be shifting our focus to serve the students that join us.

If the deadline has passed, you will have to wait until the doors to the course open again next year. 

To turn your business into a profitable stream of recurring revenue, make sure to secure your spot for The Membership Experience 2023. Go to:

While you wait, look out for Stu’s jam-packed juicy membership nuggets.

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