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Import media from Vimeo

Connect and migrate content from Vimeo to Searchie

🧰 What You Will Need

  • A Vimeo account

  • A Searchie account

  • A Vimeo access token

Step 1 - Access the Vimeo Developer page

Go to the Vimeo Developer page and click the Create an app button in the top-right corner.

Create an appStep 2 - Create a new app

On the next page, complete the app creation form by giving your app a descriptive name that reflects its purpose. For example, naming it "Searchie" will help you remember its function.

Do the following:

  • Enter your desired App name

  • Add a brief description

  • Choose an answer to "Will people besides you be able to access your app?"

  • Check the box to agree to their API License Agreement and Terms of Service

  • Click Create App when you're done

Create App

Step 3 - Generate an Access Token

Scroll down to the Authentication section and select Authenticated (you).

Authenticated (You)

This opens up the scopes section where you decide on the scopes. The scopes specify the level of access that the token will or will not grant. If you need help in understanding the scopes, click here.

You'll notice that most of the checkboxes are greyed out, this only means you need to first check the "Private" box to enable access to private member data before you can tick the other boxes.

Once you're done with the scopes, click Generate.

Step 4 - Copy the Token

You will see that a table has just been generated under "Personal Access Tokens." Copy the string of characters under the column "Token." This will be the Access Token that you'll paste into the required field in Searchie.

Access Token

Step 5 - Add the Token to your Searchie account

Search for and click on Vimeo from your Apps page. 

Find Vimeo

Click + Add Vimeo Account. In the box that appears, paste the access token you copied earlier. 

Paste your Vimeo token

Once your token is verified, just click Add Vimeo Account. Below is what a verified access token (indicated by a green checkmark) looks like: 

Add Vimeo Account

Step 6 - Choose Vimeo folders to import

After connecting your Vimeo account, your folders there will appear in Searchie. Select the folder(s) that you would like to import the media from and click Import Folders.

Import Folders

You can find files imported from Vimeo inside your content library.