How to navigate your Searchie account

Learn how to navigate and use the Searchie platform

Account Navigation Bar


The Dashboard is the first page you'll see when you sign into your Searchie account. You can access your Dashboard anytime by clicking on the Searchie logo from your Navigation Bar. Your Dashboard overviews your most recent Content, Hubs, and Audience Activity.

  • Recent Hubs: View and access your most recent Hubs. You can also create a new Hub here by clicking the blue + button.

  • Recent Audience: View and access your most recent Audience profiles. You can also create a new Audience profile by clicking the blue + button.

  • Recent Content: Scroll through and access your recently imported content.

  • Activity: Filter through and view your most recent Audience Activity.

  • Reports Overview: View Audience Analytics detailing New Audience, Monthly Active Users, Searches, and Average Media Retention.



The Hubs tab allows you to create and customize a Searchie Hub to host, sell, and share your digital content. You can access your Hubs anytime by clicking on the Hubs tab from the far left Navigation Bar.

Your Hubs-1

Each Hub also has its own Dashboard. You'll be taken into that Hub's Dashboard if you click on your Hub's name. 


Your Library is where you can find your entire Content Library consisting of your Files, Folders, and Playlists. You can search through your entire Library from the top right and access your Library at any time by clicking on the Library icon from the Navigation Bar.


You can also click on any file inside your Library to open the File Manager to customize your file's thumbnail, add chapters, access the transcript editor, or share the file with your audience.

Customize File


Your Audience tab can be used to view and create your Audience and Segments. You can also import your Audience via a CSV file from this page. You can access your Audience anytime by clicking on the Audience icon from your Navigation Bar.


You can create and edit Audience Segments inside the Audience tab by clicking the Filter and Segment (Funnel) icon.

To create a new Segment, create your Filters and Groups and click the Save icon highlighted on the top-right to save your changes.



In the Apps tab, you can link your Searchie account to various platforms like Zoom, Facebook, Stripe, or Zapier for enhanced functionality and integration. This is where you can create and edit your Widgets or recordings with the Searchie Chrome Extension. You can access your Library anytime by clicking on the Library icon from your navigation bar.

  • Installed: view, refresh, or remove any existing apps you have installed.

  • Explore Apps: create new app connections.