How long do I get continued support?

Here's what kind of support you'll get in The Membership Experience.

During The Membership Experience course, you'll have access to the Members only Facebook Group where Stu answers all the questions and chimes in in the comments. That community is active throughout the delivery of the course.

A couple of weeks after the course wraps (around mid-July), we typically archive this group. You will still be able to search comments and videos, and access any group related files. But the ability to continue commenting will be turned off.

We do this because it's not possible for our Team to monitor the group indefinitely and we want to make sure that no one is taking advantage of the other group members by soliciting etc.

The support team is available Monday to Friday to answer support related questions and etc. And if you need continued support after July, we do have a membership that we offer each year (we'll share all about that later).

We hope you’ll join us for The Membership Experience! If the deadline has passed, you will have to wait until the doors to the course open again next year. 

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While you wait, look out for Stu’s jam-packed juicy membership nuggets.

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For more information and if you have questions, you can email our support team any time at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!