Generate text suggestions with Searchie Ai

Searchie Ai automatically generates high-quality audio and video titles, descriptions, content tags, and more


🧰 What You Will Need

  1. An activated Searchie account

  2. One or more media files

NOTE: This feature is currently in Beta. Searchie Ai features, plans and pricing may be subject to change.

Step 1 - Find your media file in your Library

Open your Library to locate and click on the video or audio file you want to generate Ai suggestions for.

Step 2 - Open the Searchie Ai menu

Once inside your File Manager, click to activate Searchie Ai.

You can also activate Searchie Ai inside your Title and Description fields by clicking the 🪄 icon.

Step 3 - Wait for your Ai suggestions

Once you activate Searchie Ai, you'll get a message that your Ai suggestions are being generated. You can close the File Manager at this time and continue to work inside of your Searchie account. Searchie Ai will work in the background. 🤖

Once your Ai suggestions are ready, you'll receive a notification letting you know. Click View Suggestions to view what Searchie Ai has created. 🤓

Step 4 - View and re-generate your Ai suggestions

Once generated, you'll be able to view and re-generate your Ai suggestions 👏

You'll receive Ai suggestions for your file's title, description, long summary, key takeaways and suggested content tags.

Pull from your Ai suggestions to use as your file's title and description by clicking the ↖️ icon.

Generate new Ai suggestions by clicking the ➕ icon to Generate Suggestion.

any suggestions to use them in your emails, your Hub, or your social media. 🚀

Your suggestions will also appear in the File Manager under the Title and Description. Use the ↖️ icon to add the Ai-generated suggestion in.