Generate Chapters for your content with Searchie Ai

Use Searchie Ai to generate time-stamped Chapters for your video and audio content

🧰 What You Will Need

  1. Searchie Ai

  2. A video or audio file

NOTE: This feature is currently in Beta. Searchie Ai features, plans and pricing may be subject to change.


Step 1 - Open the Searchie Ai menu

Click to open the video or audio file you want to generate Chapters for. Click to activate Searchie Ai from the dropdown menu, the File Manager, or inside your Title and Description fields by clicking the 🪄 icon.

You'll see Searchie Ai will then generate title, description, chapter and takeaway suggestions for you. 🪄

Step 2 - View your Ai-generated Chapters

You'll find your Ai-generated Chapters appear just under the Ai-generated description field.

You have the option of adding all the Ai-generated Chapters by clicking Replace all chapters. This will add all the Chapters to your file. 👍

You can also add individual Chapters by clicking the Replace button next to that Chapter's title.


📚 Up Next

  1. Change your file's thumbnail
  2. Add your Ai-generated copy in to your Hub