What You Will Need

  1. A Searchie Pro plan or higher

  2. A Hub set to private

  3. Content!

Step 1 - Understand the Use Case

Filtering by Content Consumption allows you to Segment your audience members based on what they have and haven't started/completed.

💡For Example:

Use a Segment attached to a Hub Section to only show a bonus resource to people who have completed the last video in a specific Playlist. It's a great way to reward content consumption in your Hub! 🌟

Step 2 - Set up your Hub using the content you're monitoring

You'll want to have your Hub built out along with all your content before we move on to creating Content Consumption based segments. 😎

Step 3 - Create your Segment

Next, head to your Audiences tab to create a new Segment.

Select Hub Activity as the main filter and make the following selections:

  • Your Hub's name

  • One of the three completion status options:

    • Has Started

    • Has Not Started

    • Has Completed

  • The File or Playlist you want to measure consumption for

Be sure to give your new Segment a name and don't forget to 💾 Save!

Here's what a completed Segment Filter Group will look like:

Step 4 - Attach your Segment to a Section

Once you have completed the Segment, head into your Hub Editor for this next step. Add the Segment you created in Step 3 to any section in your Hub you'd like to protect with the completion conditions that you had set. ✨

This protected Section will only appear to audience members who match the conditions set in your Segment. 🤓

What You Can Do Now

  1. Create more Segments to personalize your Hub with:

    1. Billing-related Segments

    2. Attribute-related Segments

    3. Audience Tag-related Segments

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