Table of Contents

  1. Searchie Basics

  2. Managing Your Content

  3. Searchie Hubs 101

  4. Searchie Resources

Searchie Basics


The Searchie application is where you upload media and structure your own Hub(s) to launch your digital product.


Page inside your Searchie account containing your Files, Folders and Playlists. Learn more about your Library tab.


Page inside your Searchie account that allows you to explore and add third-party applications (like Zoom and Stripe) into your Searchie account. Learn more about your Apps tab.


Page inside your Searchie account that allows you to import, organize and export people into your Searchie Hubs. Learn more about your Audience tab.

Searchie Chrome Extension

Searchie's screen recorder tool that allows you to create content directly in Searchie. Learn more about the Chrome Extension.

Managing Your Content

Media File

A video or audio file that has been uploaded or imported into your Searchie account. Learn more about what makes a Searchie media file ✨special.✨


Containers for your media files that help you internally organize your media files. Learn more about Folders.

File Manager

Your home for everything when it comes to editing or sharing your processed media. This includes editing the transcript, adding a thumbnail, and uploading attachments. Learn more about the File Manager.

Media Player

The window that your Media Files play on. The Media Player includes the search function and closed captions for each file (if you want to). Learn how you can customize your very own Searchie Media Player.


A list of media files that you curate and share with your audience. Use Playlists to sort your content based on things like deliverables, modules, topics and tracks. Learn more about Playlists.


Search bar you can share with your audience that allows them to search through a collection of your Searchie content. Learn more about Widgets.

Searchie Hubs 101


Searchie’s website builder that allows you to build a platform to host, sell, and share your digital content. Hubs are ideal for building and selling digital products such as courses, membership sites, coaching programs and much more. Virtually any offering or program that uses audio and/or video content can be hosted on a Searchie Hub. Learn more about Hubs.

Hub Page

A specific page inside of a specific Hub. You can create as many as you want inside of one Hub ... the options are endless! Learn more about Hub Pages.

Hub Editor

The back-end of your Hub where you can create, build and edit all of the Pages and Sections inside of your Searchie Hub. Learn how to access the Hub Editor here.

Hub Section

Sections are used to package and customize the content that you add to your Searchie Hub. Think of them as containers for your Hub content. Just like Tupperware containers, you use different types for different foods. In the same way, you use different Sections for different types of content. Learn more about Hub Sections.


A specific part of your Hub. It can be a Headline, a button, a video, an image, or even a line break. Learn more about Column Section Elements.

Audience Segment

Allow you to group specific Audience Profiles based on different conditions to organize them. You can also connect specific Segments to specific Sections to tailor your Hub content. 🤯

Searchie Resources

Help Center


Support articles and frequently asked questions.

Live Webinars


Recurring live training calls hosted by Searchie's Product Experts.

Searchie Academy


Searchie's free video training Hub with general training videos for all users, from beginner to intermediate.

Feedback Site


Searchie's public roadmap, changelog and public feedback website.

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