Understand the use case

The Library tab inside of your Searchie account is where you can organize your Files, Folders and Playlists into a content library.

Learn more about what you should organize your content library in this article. 😉

You can access your Library by clicking on the Library tab from the navigation bar.

What is the difference between Files, Folders and Playlists?

(Media) Files are any video or audio files imported into your Searchie account. They are automatically transcribed, captioned and made searchable by word spoken upon import. Magic! 🪄🐇

Folders are used to help you internally sort your video and audio files. Content imported from a third-party app is automatically sorted into a Folder named after that source.

A Playlist is a curated list of Searchie files that you can share with your audience. Playlists can be shared through the Playlist URL, embedded in another platform, or added to a Hub.

Use the blue buttons to upload new content and create new Folders and Playlists. The super sweet thing is that you can create as many Folders and Playlists as you'd like!

Search through your Library

While it's great that your audience can search through your content, the search function is also useful to you as a content creator. 🤯

Use the search bar inside your Library or click the Filter Library button for a more granular search.

Toggle the type of library view that suites you best! You can switch between gallery and list view by clicking the icon shown below.

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