Use Searchie to quickly package and share any combination of digital products.

With your content library up and running, you can create and deliver a private program to your audience in a couple easy clicks.

Depending on who your audience is and what content you're looking to share or sell, there are lots of different ways to deliver your content using Searchie.

Regardless of what route you choose for granting Hub access, your audience's onboarding process will be quick, easy and seamless.

Continue reading to learn about the different ways you can package, share and sell your digital products:

Collect Payments with Stripe

Set up your Hub with Searchie Payments to collect one-time or recurring charges through Stripe.

Create a List Builder

Use Searchie's Native Registration feature to collect emails in exchange to freebie content inside of a Searchie Hub.

Bring In Existing Members

Grant Hub access to your existing paying members (or your email list) quickly using our mass import tool.

Automate with Zapier

Connect an external shopping cart and automate Hub Access with Zapier.

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