What You Will Need

  1. A Stripe account set up with Products and Prices

  2. A Searchie Hub to sell

  3. Coupons set up in Stripe

Step 1 - Create your product Coupons in Stripe

Check out this article for some technical documentation on creating coupons. Additionally, you can "Add a promotion code" to any product right from your Stripe dashboard.

You can also open the "Coupons" menu on the left side of the Product page in your account to configure and create new coupons there.

Here are some of the ways you can configure coupons to be used for your products:

  • You can scope/attach coupons to specific products

  • You can limit the number of redemptions for a specific coupon (i.e. Only valid for the first 100 people to use it)

  • You can limit the range of dates in which a coupon is redeemable (i.e. Redeem by December 1st)

  • You can discount a fixed amount or fixed percentage of the product

  • For recurring payments, you can specify the number of payment periods the coupon will "last" for (i.e. Get your first 6 months 100% off)

Step 2 - Enable Coupons toggle on your Hub

In the "Payments" dropdown of your Hub settings, toggle on the switch that reads "Enable Coupons on Checkout Page".

Anyone signing up for the Hub will now see a "Add promotion code" area on the payment page where they can enter the Coupon you've provided them.

Bonus - Control Hub visibility with Stripe and Segments

You can also coupons for lead magnets (such as free challenges) inside your Hub. Here's how:

  1. Create paid Stripe plans for your lead magnet. This will allow you to track how many audience members convert into paid members.

  2. Attach your coupons to your lead magnet Stripe plans. This will allow your lead magnet audience to access your Hub for free for a limited time before needing to pay.

  3. Add your lead magnet Stripe plans to your Hub's payment page.

  4. Create a Segment using your lead magnet Stripe plans. This is how you'll be able to restrict Hub content to your lead magnet audience.

  5. Share your payment page and coupon code with your lead magnet audience!

What You Can Do Now

  1. Create a test coupon for 100% off that you can redeem to test new product segments

  2. Touch up on your Stripe Best Practices

  3. Set up your segments to help manage your Stripe subscriptions

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