What You Will Need

  1. A private Searchie Hub

  2. Audience members imported using Searchie Payments

Step 1 - Create your new Stripe prices

Start by creating the new Stripe Prices that you want to offer as an upsell. These prices and plans are the various payment options available under specific products in Stripe, like a monthly or annual option. For more information, see Stripe’s Products and Prices Guide.

Step 2 - Activate your Customer Portal in Stripe

Configure the following two settings in your Stripe Customer Portal:

  • Under "Payment methods", toggle "Allow customer to update their payment methods" on

  • Under "Update subscriptions", toggle "Allow customers to switch to a different pricing plan" on

Save your progress at the end.

Step 3 - Add your new Stripe prices to your Payment page

Inside of your Payments settings, add your new Stripe prices. If you don't see your new prices, refresh your Payment Gateway.

Step 4 - Link your Audience to your Customer Portal

The link template for your Hub's Customer Portal URL is:


Where the "HUB_HASH" in the URL is the unique string of characters found in the URL for that specific Hub.

If your Hub URL is https://app.searchie.io/hub/gyjWJ1npMe/, then "gyjWJ1npMe" is your HUB_HASH. Using this rule, the following URLs would be examples of customer portal links your audience could use to upgrade their subscription plan to your Hub.

For example:

Provide a link to your Customer Portal either inside a Hub Section or via an email. Your Hub's Customer Portal is an auto-generated Hub page.

What You Can Do Now

  1. Create a Segment to track your upsells

  2. Restrict content visibility based on who has and has not upgraded

  3. Add a custom domain to your Hub

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