Understand the use case

File Tags and Audience Tags can both be used to organize and manage your Searchie account. However, both have different applications inside of the platform. Audience Tags are used to manage Audiences, whereas File Tags are used to manage media files. Both types of Tags are used independently, meaning you cannot pass information between File Tags and Audience Tags.

File Tags

File Tags are used to organize your media.

You can apply File Tags to any media in your Searchie account. Once a file is tagged, you can then automate your Playlist with that tag. When you automate a Playlist with a File Tag, any content with that File Tag and any content given that File Tag in the future will be added to the Playlist.

File Tags are also visible when viewing a file from the folder level, helping you understand which files belong to which Playlists.

Audience Tags

Audience Tags are used to organize and manage your audience.

You can apply an unlimited number of Audience Tags to an unlimited number of audience profiles. You can also use Audience Tags to control content visibility by using Audience Tags as Segment filters.

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